Monday, November 1, 2010

Book It Program

The 80s returned today...

I was definitely living vicariously through my 4-year-old daughter Ingrid today. She came home with her first Pizza Hut Book It! voucher.

Do you remember trying to earn these as a kid? I LOVED this program.

(I think I loved it more for the button and little star stickers I got each month, but that's just me...I was a nerd. But, not nerdy enough to KEEP the button...check out the Book It Alumni page! Now there are some passionate/loyal people! However, the alumni T-shirt does look kind of cool and tempting!)

We had to read to Ingrid 200 minutes in October - she's not quite able to read on her own so we have to help. She read about 240 November she has to read at least 250.

But, she was a very excited little girl tonight. She couldn't wait for dad to get home from work so that they could go to Pizza Hut and pick up her very own personal pan cheese pizza.

And, was quite jealous! But so, so proud of my budding reader!

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