Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott

I apologize for the short review and relying on the recap from another Web site, but just don't have time lately to write thoughtful and poignant reviews. But since, I want a record of what I we go!

Book Description from "Goodreads"

In the bestselling tradition of Loving Frank and March comes a novel for anyone who loves Little Women.

Millions of readers have fallen in love with Little Women. But how could Louisa May Alcott-who never had a romance-write so convincingly of love and heart-break without experiencing it herself?

Deftly mixing fact and fiction, Kelly O'Connor McNees imagines a love affair that would threaten Louisa's writing career-and inspire the story of Jo and Laurie in Little Women. Stuck in small-town New Hampshire in 1855, Louisa finds herself torn between a love that takes her by surprise and her dream of independence as a writer in Boston. The choice she must make comes with a steep price that she will pay for the rest of her life.

My take:

My first "acting" opportunity as a kid was playing Jo March in a radio play I did in 5th grade. I fell in love with Little Women and enjoy the character of Jo March (based on Louisa's own personality/past) so much. So I really enjoyed this glimpse and "what if" about Louisa May Alcott. It definitely had the feel of "Becoming Jane" to it, but it was a nice, relaxing read. The dialog was great and I loved all the historical details about the era. Blew through it in 4 days...that's good for me!

To recap:

Worth Reading? Yes

Recommend to a Friend? Yes

Worth Buying My Own Copy? No - Use your local library

Stars: 4 out of 5


Susan Bailey said...

Loved this book, I read it last spring. I only wish it were true. It's an impressive effort for a new author and it's doing well enough to be put out in paperback this coming May. Kudos to Kelly McNees!

I love all things Alcott and blog on her regularly if you'd like to learn more. We have a fun and lively community, come on over -

Tabitha said...

Susan - Thanks for finding me via this book and leaving a note! I am going to go over and visit your blog.