Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jennifer Erin Valent

One of the authors I was the most excited to stumble across this year was Jennifer Erin Valent. Jennifer is the winner of the 2007 Operation First Novel contest of the Christian Writer's Guild. Her debut novel is Fireflies in December. It was such a wonderful read - reminded me of To Kill a Mockingbird but in a refresh way. Not only was it interesting to escape to a different time in US history and to the South, but it was a treat to read about the character's young crush and remember how I felt when I was 13 and experiencing first crushes.

I was thrilled to find out that Valent has a new book, Cottonwood Whispers, out this fall that continues the story of Jessalyn and that a third book is on its way next year! Who hoo!

But, here's the best part about Jennifer Valent. She's so down to earth! Her newsletter that came out last week offered to send personally signed book plates. I emailed her and guess what? I got my two yesterday in the mail...she was so fast. (Yes, I asked for for each book I hope I get as Christmas gifts this year. Shameless I know.)

Her first book, Fireflies in December, was selected as a winter read for SheReads. If you're looking for a great read and a chance to jump into a great series and characters, I'd highly recommend Jennifer Valent's books!

And if any of you are curious...yes, I'm still reading The Sound and the Fury. Feeling more fury than joy reading this book because of how difficult it is to follow, but only have 25 more pages before I'm out of the awful first chapter of nonsense. I have 5 more days to get this book read before Christmas and keep my word to my boss (who gave me the book) that I'd read it before Christmas 2009 arrives.

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